Photographer Mark Spearman

The Profile Selfie

I take photos of all sorts of things, but rarely myself. Photos of myself are kind of like hearing a recording of your own voice. It's not that I don't like photos of myself, it's that it's just a strange feeling looking at it. I needed some humor to get through it. 

I found my Red Green Show hat. It's the best rain hat ever invented and I feel I transform into at least a little bet of that character. It's about as far away from the typical pro photographer profile photo that I can get. It worked will with my old DSLR. I still use that dinosaur and still love it. 

Then the lighting. Nothing but reflections in my glasses so I lost them. Precariously I hold the cell phone and snap my perfect "profile" shot. I feel sorry for the people that have to get this just right. I'm good with just being me here.

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