Superzoom Cameras Make Me Happy

Taken On A Walk With A Superzoom Bridge Camera In Hand

The first time you buy a camera the clerk will ask you, "What type of shooting do you do?". I have to answer, "Everything.". With a roll of the eyes, they head to the Superzoom cameras. 

That's really the only choice that you have if you don't want a wagon full of gear to pull around. They are the Swiss Army knives of photography. They do everything, put they do it poorly. Can you find happiness with this type of camera? Sure!

I approach the use of a superzoom by know that I'll get many bad shots and that Photoshop will be required to make a masterpiece. Being comfortable with this is the key to happiness with a bridge camera. Over time, your skills will improve and shots like the butterfly above can happen straight out of the camera. 

Yes, you can take a country stroll with a lightweight superzoom camera and produce beautiful work that rivals expensive cameras. You do need light. The small sensor produces noise and the only way to avoid it is light or correction in Photoshop. Over time, the search for light will improve your skills with all cameras. 

With a superzoom costing less than most lenses, pick one up. Taking a superzoom on a walk anywhere and looking for challenges is so much fun. With the range of the lens, anything is game. From a bug on a flower to a jet in the sky, it's all worth a try.

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