Yellow Moon

September 8, 2021 Blog

The yellow moon photo is my favorite recent. It was shot with a pocketable point and shoot camera, so no fancy gear was required. To make a shot like that, I needed to steady myself and put the camera into a manual mode. Start with the camera around 1/60 shutter speed, then work with the aperture and ISO to get an acceptable image. 

The light from the moon is roughly what a daylight setting would be. This because it's just reflecting the sun's light. 

Cloudy Strip Mall

The frequent rain Central Ohio has seen recently made for some interesting cloud and sunset photos in otherwise boring strip mall areas. I've been out delivering food for extra money and that leaves me really searching for photos in places that I find difficult. 

This plane was circling my house. I'm not sure what they were looking for, but I waved. It was odd with the way it would kill it's engine, make acrobatic turns, then go a ways only to return to do that again. 

I guess pilots have to find ways to entertain themselves? My bridge camera is good enough to zoom in on the tail numbers, then go to the FAA aircraft registry to look up the tail number.

My plans for this website are up in the air now. I have many photos on a broken down laptop. Maybe I'll move forward without them and present them once I get the patience to fix it? A fresh start is always good. 

Why didn't I make backups? It was a relatively new computer. I have many backups, it had just been a while. We all get lazy about such things and frequent automatic backups through a service are expensive. I have always rescued photos after crashes in the past. Sometimes it's best to look at setbacks as something meant to happen so that your art can move forward instead of dwelling on past work. 

Until next time, keep your camera on you and enjoy the sights this world has to offer. 

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