Horse Polo In Granville, Oio

Horse Polo At Granville

Fresh Out Of The Cameras

I take photos constantly. My cameras are usually with me. As life happens, I try to catch the interesting parts. When time allows, I get lost in the moment and try to find unique and interesting views. Doing this keeps a flow of images and ideas coming. 

Today's download has a horse polo game. I didn't have time to stay. I need to get a calendar of their games and catch the action again. They were on the expansive lawn of the Bryn Du Mansion in Granville, Ohio. 

Pokeweed Berries

Pokeweed Berries

These are pokeweed berries. The purple and green colors are striking. 

Pokeweed is often eaten when it is young. Some people also eat the berries. I haven't tried due to the debate about whether or not the plant is poisonous. It's beautiful and large, so I let it grow. 

German Shepherd In The River

German Shephers In The River

My German Shepherd Willow playing in the river. 

It's the first time I trusted our training to allow her to run off leash. She did great! The hard work really paid off. It is so much better to have a dog that can obey commands. The freedom to have fun is going to be a game changer in the enjoyment of owning this dog. 

That's my photoblog for today. These snapshots are what I will be posting. It's my style of photography and if you enjoy it, please follow and let me know if you have a photoblog. 

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