The Weather Is Changing

View Of A Foggy Field At Night

Blog for 20 August, 2021

This photo was taken after bringing Amish back home from a bus trip. I was struggling to stay awake and fogged rolled in. It's late August and I can feel the weather starting to turn to fall already. I have even seen a few leaves starting to turn colors.

There was no traffic on the country road that I was on. I noticed the beautiful stillness in the moonlight and the fog and I tried to capture that feeling in the photo.. 

More Photos Added

I'm adding more photos to build The Ohio County Project into an organized bunch of Ohio photos. The project isn't anywhere near completion and it's had many iterations. That's how it should be with a large project. Maybe it's not professional to publish as you do the project, but I'm not doing this within the constraints of a professional project. 

Here are some of may favorite recent additions. 

Polo At Bryn Du Mansion

A Polo Match At The Bryn Du

Storm Clouds Over Newark, Ohio

Storm Clouds Over Downtown Newark, Ohio

Until Next Time

Until we meet again, I'll keep exploring the world with my camera. I'll keep trying for that perfect, imperfect photo and enjoying the journey. 

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