Neon Bail Bonds Sign

Bail Bond Neon Sign

Close to every courthouse is the bail bondsman with a bright sign beckoning his services.

November 25, 2021 Photoblog

This blog is just some thoughts about starting a blog on SmugMug. So far, not the best of ideas, but I'm not giving up yet. I just wish there was a photo hosting side that was easy to blog on. Wishing isn't working. 

Above is a sign from the downtown Newark, Ohio. Bail Bonds companies always invest in decent signs near the courthouse of any city. I get a laugh out of thinking of them deciding their advertising strategy. Where should we put it? Right outside of the courthouse of course. It wouldn't even make sense to put the advertising on the liquor bottles. Nobody would care until they are in jail. Put it where those with any love for the incarcerated may see it.

Chase The Money

Chasing The Money

This shot is when it clicked that our rulers, the banks, may be playing a little joke at our expense. Chase is the name of this huge bank. Was it named after the founder? No. It was named after a former Secretary Of Treasury Salmon Chase. So is it really just a play on the fact that the bankers will always have us just chasing the dollar? 

Anyhow, that's what I was thinking when I took the photo. 

Keep On Going

Driving By The Graveyard

This was taking while working delivery gigs. Winter is coming and the cemetery made me think of the bleakness of winter. The blur of passing by it at speed was fitting.

The Drive Thru Window

Waiting On A Hamburger

Driving delivery gigs requires time waiting in drive-thrus and I do mean a considerable amount of time. Sometimes I listen to whatever podcast is going. Other times, I scribble down thoughts to expand upon in writing later. Then, there are times I just stare at what is happening. 

Until Next Time

Sunset Behind Us

I'll end this blog here and it's time to go to Thanksgiving dinner today. I hope you enjoyed the photos. 


Good Luck Cat

Good Luck Cat

A good luck cat at a Thai restaurant.

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